Utiliser sa caméra embarquée de vélo pour envoyer des photos sur Mapillary

Posted on 22 August 2018 in DIY • 8 min read

Mapillary est un service permettant de prendre et partager des photos prises directement au niveau de la rue. Les photos partagées sont traitées par Mapillary (qui vend des traitements de photos prises dans la rue pour notamment en extraire de l’information) et disponibles pour tous sous une licence Creative Commons. Les photos (et une partie des résultats de traitement, dont les panneaux par exemple) sont également utilisables directement pour éditer OpenStreetMap. Plus d’informations sur le service sont disponibles dans cet article de linuxfr.

Quitte à avoir une caméra embarquée sur son vélo, pourquoi ne pas s’en servir pour contribuer des images à ce service ?

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Tracking your bank accounts with a Raspberry Pi: Kresus

Posted on July 24, 2017 in DIY • 5 min read

I always had troubles tracking expenses on my bank accounts. You never have the correct password or login when you want to check your bank account status, you have to log into every bank website when you have multiple bank accounts, bank interfaces are super painful and so on. I …

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Raspberry Pi install checklist

Posted on February 28, 2017 in DIY • 2 min read

UPDATE (13/07/2017): Removed RPi-Monitor and replaced it by Monitorix.

This is some memo for me, to use as a checklist whenever I set up a new Raspberry Pi which is to be running continuously (typically as a webserver).

First, I start from the lite version of Raspbian.

After …

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Doing low cost telepresence (for under $200)

Posted on October 08, 2015 in DIY • 7 min read

With a friend, we recently started a project of building a project of low cost telepresence robot (sorry, link in French only).

The goal is to build a robot that could be used to move around a room remotely, and stream audio and video in both directions. Our target budget …

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Controlling servomotors on a Raspberry Pi

Posted on May 02, 2015 in DIY • 4 min read

For a project (documentation to be added soon) of low-cost telepresence robot, I had to handle three servomotors with a Raspberry Pi. I chose a Raspberry Pi board as it is very cheap and has a decent camera which can be easily used to stream video at a good resolution …

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