Looking for a flat the modern way

Posted on August 06, 2017 in Dev • 4 min read

I recently moved home and had to go through the painful process of looking for a new flat to rent. You usually want to optimize various criteria, such as the commuting time, but housing websites and their search form are not fit for these. You also end up doing a …

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Localizing a webapp with webL10n.js

Posted on December 26, 2015 in Dev • 2 min read

I am currently working on a Velib webapp. With Élie, we modularized everything so that the backend API can be edited easily, and adapted to any other bike sharing system, hence we wanted it to be easily localizable and looked for solutions compatible with as much browsers as possible. We …

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Blocking JavaScript on a per API basis

Posted on April 14, 2015 in Dev • 2 min read

JavaScript is widely used on the Internet, and living without it can be a real pain. However, JavaScript use raises some security concerns, in particular because some JavaScript APIs can be really sensitive. Indeed, WebRTC calls can be used to detect your real IP even the private one, on your …

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Quick comparisons of solutions for 3D cross-platform (mobile) development

Posted on March 27, 2015 in Dev • 7 min read

I spent some time lately comparing available development toolkits for 3D games / apps on mobile platforms (mostly for hobby / indy apps). I do not want to have to adapt to much my base code depending on the target platform, and was then looking at a toolkit to write most of …

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Publishing through the Known API

Posted on January 07, 2015 in Dev • 6 min read

As stated in my last article, I’m considering moving my blog to Known. But I’m not a huge fan of WSIWYG editors. I find it handy sometimes, and can enjoy editing in Markdown on Github, but for a long post, I really prefer writing content on my own …

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