Filtering ads with your Raspberry Pi

Posted on April 04, 2017 in Selfhosting • 10 min read

TL;DR: Please have a look at the benchmark section below, to be aware of the limitations of this particular setup and decide whether to spend some time putting it in place or not.

I recently came across this Pi-Hole project that claims to be “a black hole for Internet …

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“You are not selfhosting”…

Posted on March 26, 2015 in Selfhosting • 6 min read

“You are not selfhosting”… that is more or less what Laurent Guerby (founder of told me last week after a presentation at the ENS). At first, it surprised me, because I am selfhosting. I have my own server to serve this blog, to handle my emails, to connect …

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Self-hosting Firefox sync 1.5

Posted on January 11, 2015 in Selfhosting • 4 min read

I used to self-host Firefox Sync but since the new Firefox Accounts + Firefox Sync (appeared in Firefox 29), it has became more difficult to self-host it, and I didn’t take time to handle it. However, lately, the doc has greatly improved and it’s rather straightforward. Although, most of …

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Getting ipv6 to work with a Kimsufi server

Posted on November 09, 2014 in Selfhosting • 2 min read

Starting from yesterday, my server ( should be available using ipv6. This was not the case before due to laziness and a lack of configuration. However, as setting ipv6 on a Kimsufi seems to not be really straight-forward (out of date documentation, information disseminated over the web and difficult …

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Synchroniser ses ordinateurs 1/2

Posted on 07 August 2014 in Selfhosting • 7 min read

Étude des solutions disponibles

J’utilise quotidiennement au moins 2 ordinateurs : mon ordinateur portable et mon fixe. Tous les deux ont des gros disques durs (> 1 To) et je cherche depuis quelques temps à les synchroniser pour les utiliser de façon totalement transparente avec mes fichiers (et avec la configuration …

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