Working on the go in Paris

Posted on October 08, 2015 in CoffeeShops • 2 min read

This summer I was in NYC and found a couple of nice coffee shops with good coffee and internet access so that they were suitable for work. Coming back to Paris, I started looking for similar places. This post will be updated in the future with the new places I find.

  • Coutume Instituutti is a really cool coffee shop in the 5th, near Saint-Michel. Good coffee, the place is very cool and I always found a decent place to sit and work.
  • Anticafé is a brand of really cool coffee shops in Paris (near le Louvres, near Beaubourg and near Bibliothèque François Mitterrand). Fun fact is that you pay for the time you stay (5€ per hour, and decreasing) and everything is free afterwards (food and drink). Really nice to work!
    • The one near le Louvres is really nice, although it can be crowded.
    • The one near Bibliothèque François Mitterrand has plenty of seats and offers some food as well, which is cool. However, the internet is really bad there, since you have very basic and limited internet (Web + emails only). Most of the port are blocked, including TCP 22 for ssh, and it can be really difficult to work with web and emails only (in my case, at least) =(
    • I still should test the one near Beaubourg.
  • Sugarplum is a cool coffee in the 5th, near Mouffetard. Nice coffee and cake, and there are many tables. The wifi is ok, but not really fast, and I did not notice power plugs.

To be tested in the future:,